Little Gallery of Big Messes offers artwork and apparel for Mental Health Awareness and personal affirmation. A portion of Proceeds of sales goes to a non profit Mental Health Organization in our Community.


Welcome to little gallery of Big messes. The name just came to me in the wee hours of the morning( I don't sleep a lot!) While working on a piece with a cup of coffee at my side. I wanted a name that carried uniqueness, yet was truthful and honest. I don't strive to be a famous artist( what does that even look like nowadays?) and I certainly enjoy making a colorful mess. I have been creating as an adult since early 2000, and as a profession, for about a year. Since that time I have called Winnipeg, Manitoba my home. I have attended the University of Manitoba fine arts program and have raised Two beautiful children here. I am a large kid, with a vast imagination, and some God given talent. I have always tried to make it my goal to help and support people to strive and achieve their goals. Throughout my various careers, I have always tried to also incorporate art as well. I continue to support people's goals, with a focus on children, and am now focusing on pursuing my visions of what I would like to do as an "Artist". Over the past few years I have developed a "Style " that has reflected who I am, and the messages I would like, and need to convey through my art. I hope you are here because my art moves you in someway, it is also my hope, that you take those feelings and pass those on and maybe pay it forward some how. Listen to someone, lend a hand, help shape a dream for you and everyone. Thanks for stopping by, pick something up, tell a friend, spread the word. Be Unique, Be different, Be yourself.