Knowing your limits

When it comes to balancing your personal life and let’s say, your work life, it’s important to know your limits.

I completely understand that it’s easier said than done, but pulling yourself out of the negative situation is always best. Let’s take my life as an example. I worked at a call centre for a while, and that was nothing but trouble for my anxiety. Certain calls would come in that would trigger me, so I would step outside and try my hardest to pull myself together.

When I started missing a lot of work, I began to wonder if that job was even something I should keep doing. I guess I kept pushing myself to do it for so long because I thought I would be drowning without it, when I was drowning with it. That, and I was scared to be alone at home with my thoughts, unsure of what they may say to me. 3 months into my call centre job, I decided to call it quits. I quit the job for my own health, and sanity. Before I quit, I was about to apply for disability because my anxiety gets that debilitating.

I’m still learning about what I can and can’t handle, but I’m doing what I can to figure all that out.

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